How to Sell A House : An Effective 7 Tips For Selling Your Vancouver Home

How to Sell A House : An Effective 7 Tips For Selling Your Vancouver Home

November 30, 20227 min read

Getting ready to sell your home? Even in a seller’s market, your home isn’t guaranteed to sell fast and for more. To maximize your selling price, you should prepare your home properly before listing it on the market. What’s more, you should start the preparation process early to allow enough time to tackle renovations and upgrades that’ll increase your home’s value and help you sell house faster.

That said, here’s a 7 tips for selling your home faster and checklist that’ll walk you through how to prepare your house for sale so you can sell fast and get the best selling price possible.

Find & Hire the Best Local Real Estate Agent

It might cost you to wait until you’re ready to list your home to contact a real estate agent. In fact, the earlier you bring an agent into the process, the better the results, which translates to a faster sale and more money. That’s because having professional perspectives from an insightful agent can boost your home’s appeal to potential buyers.

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Moreover, your local agent understands what buyers want in the current market and will help you come up with a plan to maximize your home’s appeal. They’ll also connect you with a network of trusted vendors, contractors, and service professionals, including home stagers and photographers. This can ensure everything is done swiftly and smoothly before you list your home.

Address Repairs and Upgrades

Homebuyers prefer buying a move-in ready home over one that requires renovations. Hence, it’s crucial to address structural and systems issues that may hurt the sale of your home. For instance, issues with the foundation, frame, or roof are likely to crop up in an inspection report, while electrical wiring, plumbing, or HVAC system problems may pose safety concerns.

However, it’s crucial to note that you don’t have to make all these major upgrades before listing your home. It’s ideal to involve your real estate agent to help you assess any necessary repairs. Contact us and we’ll guide you on the upgrades that are worth your money and time. We might recommend a pre-listing inspection to uncover hidden issues, and help you avoid unpleasant surprises during the actual inspection.

Essential Note: When dealing with major home repairs and renovations, give yourself ample time. With the rampant material and labour shortages, working on the upgrades early can help you avoid costly delays.

Deal With the Minor Issues

Sometimes, it’s the minor details that put potential buyers off. Unfortunately, many home sellers often overlook these issues, especially when they’ve been living there for years. So, after addressing large-scale renovations, you should deal with minor updates to improve how buyers will perceive your home. This should be done at least a month or more before listing your house.

Take care of unaddressed repair and maintenance issues like pest activity, water spots, and rotten siding. While at it, address small annoyances, such as sticking doors, leaky faucets, and squeaky hinges. You could DIY most of these projects, but ensure that you seek professional help for those you’re not comfortable handling.

When you work with us, you’ll get fresh perspective on your home and we’ll ensure you don’t miss any crucial updates that can make the difference between sell house quickly and a stale listing.

Revamp Your Home’s Design

Did you know that a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of sprucing up your home? A recent study has shown that landscaping and painting are two updates that offer the highest return on investment (ROI).

Moreover, landscaping has the potential to add up to 7% to your home’s value. So, it’s in your best interest to try planting colourful flowers and laying fresh sod to add life to your home’s exterior.

Kitchen upgrades, such as countertops and cabinets, also yield high ROI, with 87% of real estate agents naming kitchen updates amongst top home renovations resonating with buyers.

Declutter and Depersonalize Your Home

Clutter can distract potential buyers from seeing your home’s best features since they might focus more on the content than on the house. Besides, a too much personalized home can prevent them from envisioning themselves living in your home, which might prevent them from making an offer.

When decluttering, try making it an everyday task, instead of trying to take care of it all at once. That’ll make the process easier and you’ll avoid being overwhelmed right before your home hits the market.

You should also declutter and depersonalize one room at a time- start with the attic, storage, and basement. Donate or discard things you no longer need or want, and then pack and store seasonal items, pile of letters, family photos, and other personal collections.

Bonus Tip: Decluttering and depersonalizing your home gives you a head start on packing for your move!

Important Note: A Week Before You List Your Home

Check in with your real estate agent to ensure you’re aligned on the selling price, marketing strategies, and any remaining preparation work to maximize the sale of your home.

Deep Clean Your Interior- And Exterior!

Your home should be deep cleaned before you consider putting it on the market. That entails a thorough freshening of your home’s interior and cleaning all carpets and floors. You might want to consider professional home cleaners to ensure your home looks and smells fresh.

Keep in mind that potential buyers may also look inside your pantries, closets, and cabinets. So, you should ensure that they’re neat and organized, and you’ve not cramped them with stuff. Also, clear small appliances and toiletries off the countertops.

Furthermore, you should clean your house’s exterior - you know, to spruce up the curb appeal! Power-wash the siding, sidewalk, and driveway, wash the windows and screens, and empty out the gutters. While at it, don’t forget to mow your lawn, trim overhanging branches, and weed the flower beds.

Stage Your Home for Showing

A survey has found that staged homes sell 3 times faster and for up to 20% more than un-staged homes. Hence, you should do a walk-through before the open house or private showing day, and make the final touches to give prospective buyers the best impression possible.

Empty trash cans, vacuum and sweep the floors, wipe down countertops, and in the bathroom, hang clean hand towels and close those toilet lids! Moreover, repositioning your furniture to define a room can make a huge difference to buyers.

On the day of the showing, making your buyers comfortable will likely prompt them to submit offers. So, adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, open the curtains and blinds for natural light to come in, and turn on the lights to highlight your home’s best features.

Regardless of how friendly or cute your pet is, it’s best if you don’t have them in the house during showings- some buyers are easily turned off by some types of pets!

Start Preparing Your Home for Sale Now!

When selling your home, you’ll want to receive the highest sale price possible. And that means you don’t put your home on the market before it is ready.  With the right preparation – and real estate agent- you can maximize the offers you get and sell your home faster.

Our real estate pros will offer professional and effective insights and suggestions to help you prepare your home for sale. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile when it comes to serving our clients, and that entails a series of complimentary, pre-listing consultations to help prep your home and sell it faster and for more.

Call our top-notch real estate professionals if you’re considering selling your home- even if you aren’t sure when!

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